S4.C1: BCB 2021 with Gernot Allnoch, Ioannis Sideromenos, Iván Saldaña, Nikša Pirović and Bernardo Sada

Real company, real spirits, real talk

BCB entry point

For our season premiere we mingled with the crowd again, and it was glorious. Starved for face-to-face human contact the European spirits world met up at BCB – in a new location and at a smaller scale than the years before. Nevertheless we were able to capture interesting conversations on our audio device. We met old friends and found new ones. A big thanks to Gernot, Ioannis, Iván, Bernardo and Nikša for their time and insights

Gernot Allnoch, San Cosme

Ioannis Sideromenos, Spectra Distribution

Iván Saldaña – Casa Lumbre

Albert, Bernardo Sada (Noble Coyote), Diego, Nikša Pirović (Pacific and Lime),


San Cosme

Spectra Distribution

Casa Lumbre

Noble Coyote and Pacific and Lime