S5.C7: The Wrap Up with Esteban Garibi

It’s a wrap. On the drive back to Guadalajara, Esteban, Cate and Diego reflect on their journey and all the places they visited, but didn’t have the opportunity to record.

On the road!

S5.C6: Lobo

El Lobo is a legend. Soft spoken, much like his products, he uses a philosophical approach to create unique flavors. You will always immediately know a Lobo expression when you try one.

S5.C5: Benito

Unlike most other maestros in this season, Benito’s family doesn’t have a long tradition of distilling. His scientific approach, love for the plants, and approach to leadership, however, make him a rising star. His products are exciting and innovative.

S5.C4: Don Beto and Juana

This is the third stop, the beach! Don Beto and Dona Juana took amazing care of us, and Dona Juana is a mean cook!

Beto walking his fields
Don Beto’s fields. El Tuito Jalisco La Venenosa Green
Don Beto El Tuito Jalisco La Venenosa Green
Betos Fields
El Tuito Jalisco La Venenosa Green

S5.C3: Don Chalio and Blanca

We made it to Cabo Corrientes! First Stop: “Rancho el Cono” Don Chalio and Blanca, explained everything about their taberna and the tradition that runs in the family for generations.

Chalios Platform for destilation in the Taberna
El Tuito Jalisco La Venenosa Tabernas II
Inside of the distilling alambiques. Own design by Chalio
La Venenosa Tabernas II El Tuito Jalisco
The Cover of Chalios distilling alambiques to look nicer
La Venenosa Tabernas II El Tuito Jalisco
We think that these are fermentation tanks...
La Venenosa Tabernas II El Tuito, Jalisco

S5.C1: – Introduction to the Jalisco trip

For this season we went on a road trip through the state of Jalisco and we had the opportunity to meet the maestros, maestras and their families at their homes. Where it seemed appropriate Cate and Diego recorded their conversations that we are now sharing with you. Albert was with us only in spirit (and he provided all the technology and knowledge for us to record).

This chapter is a warm-up conversation between our new co-host Cate (welcome!) , Diego and Albert and provides the context for the things to come. We will publish three more chapters together with this one

We hope you enjoy this incredible experience – which already took place in 2022.

A big thank you to our guide Esteban Garibi. Without your relationships this trip would not have been possible.

Getting ready for the first interview!

S4.C3: Carl and the Agave Family

Carl Wrangel is our guests on today’s chapter. He represents Agave love from a bartender and bar owner perspective. We do not know how different the European knowledge of our beloved spirits would be without Carl, but we are pretty sure it would be less educated and less passionate.

In our conversation we tag along Carl’s journey starting as a kid, when he wanted to have a hangover from a tequila, along to his first bar gigs, trips to Mexico, coincidences, genetic memories, his businesses and end at his current life as a father.

We have a guest host, Esteban Morales, who himself advocates the diversity of Mexican craft spirits through his brands La Venenosa and Derrumbes and is a good friend of our show.

Join our Agave family, have some drinks and enjoy a conversation that goes deep.

Carl and Esteban at BCB

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The Barking Dog










Elixir of the Gods

S4.C2: Noble Coyote – with Bernardo Sada and Nikša Pirović

You might have already met Bernardo and Nikša in our season premiere, but it took us about two years from being introduced to the first bottle of Noble Coyote at a bar in Munich to get to this conversation that we recorded in July 2021.

This photo was taken after we recorded this podcast.

In fact, the recording was the first time we saw each other. And as always it did not take us long to go deep into a conversation about our favorite spirits, with Bernardo linking his biologist background to starting a Mezcal brand and Nikša’s passion to bring parts of his Mexican experiences to Europe.

In this talk we are learning about curanderos, infusions, brining up agave seedlings, the discovery of a new species, the Oaxacan community system and of course, amongst other things, we had to touch the CRM as well. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and wisdom so openly and transparently.

We have attached some images from the farm where Bernardo is growing the seedling that are later delivered to the farmers as well as some photos from the first batch of the newly created Ensemble.

Balcony Recording

Pictures from the farm

Photos by courtesy of Bernardo Sada

Ensemble production gallery

Photos by Anna Bruce, courtesy of Pacific & Lime UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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Noble Coyote

Noble Coyote – Instagram

S4.C1: BCB 2021 with Gernot Allnoch, Ioannis Sideromenos, Iván Saldaña, Nikša Pirović and Bernardo Sada

Real company, real spirits, real talk

BCB entry point

For our season premiere we mingled with the crowd again, and it was glorious. Starved for face-to-face human contact the European spirits world met up at BCB – in a new location and at a smaller scale than the years before. Nevertheless we were able to capture interesting conversations on our audio device. We met old friends and found new ones. A big thanks to Gernot, Ioannis, Iván, Bernardo and Nikša for their time and insights

Gernot Allnoch, San Cosme

Ioannis Sideromenos, Spectra Distribution

Iván Saldaña – Casa Lumbre

Albert, Bernardo Sada (Noble Coyote), Diego, Nikša Pirović (Pacific and Lime),


San Cosme

Spectra Distribution

Casa Lumbre

Noble Coyote and Pacific and Lime

S3.C7: Finale, Podcast recommendations

Our last hurrah for this season. The god of weather was in a good mood and so we were able to meet and record outside during a cold but sunny winter day in Berlin.

Here are the spirits we tasted this time:

We will continue to record for Season 4, which will probably take us the better part of the year. In the meantime you can check out great Agave content from these shows in order of first appearance:

If you are looking for places to buy Agave and Sotol spirits in Europe, we have compiled a separate page for you.

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