S5.C2: Don Arturo and Jocelyn

Tuxpan. Arturo, his Family, Carnitas, Raicilla, Tradition. We were so excited to begin our travel and get to meet one of the greatest producers. Arturo is young but comes from a long line of producers. The tradition in this Taberna is vibrant.

La Venenosa Volcanes, Tuxpan
Arturo, Jocelyn and unknown person, Sierra Volcanes, Tuxpan
Clay Distiller from Arturo in operation
Arturo’s clay distiller – Tuxpan, Jalisco La Venenosa Red
Arturos Tachica
Tachica, La Venenosa Red Tuxpan, Jalisco

Arturo Campos Oven
Arturo’s oven, Tuxpan, Jalisco La Venenosa Red

On our way to Arturo Campos
Nevado de Colima Outside Tuxpan Sierra Volcanes, Venenosa Red
How does this work again? Help, Albert!
On the road from Tuxpan to Comala.

Season 3 starts October 23rd.

We’ve been quiet for a while. It has been a crazy year. Nevertheless we managed to record a couple of very enlightening conversations (at least we think that) during 2020.

The first episode will drop Friday, where it’s just Diego and Albert reflecting on the last months and what we have learned so far from this podcast. Then we will drop a new episode every 2 weeks until we run out of material 🙂

Intermission – Season 2 Preparations

We need your participation in finding Europe’s best Mezcal places.

Just a quick heads up on what we are working on. And we need your help too, because we want to find and share with you cool Agave spirit bars all across Europe. Help us find them!

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Also, if you are in Munich, meet Alex at Auroom (www.auroom.de). Here are some pictures of my visit.

At the “Puntas, Gracias” pop-up store

About this chapter

For this special chapter we were invited to a basement inside a barber shop, where the pop-up “Puntas, Gracias” is located.
Christian Schrader and Tom Bullock want to make Agave spirits accessible to anybody and share their knowledge and experiences. Based on your individual preferences you can taste four different spirits in a session and they will guide you through the experience. You also can purchase bottles there.

We recorded this chapter to give you a feeling for the experience.

Spirits tasted

  • Caballito Cerrero
  • La Higuera Sotol
  • Nezcaloteca Arroqueño
  • La Venenosa Raicilla Puntas
The beautiful spirits


Puntas, Gracias on Facebook


Agavera (run by Christian)

Tom’s book “The Mezcal Experience” (Amazon)

The Mezcal Experience

Destille Berlin (March 2 & 3)


Albert, Tom, Christian and Diego

Cups made from Jícaras