S5.C2: Don Arturo and Jocelyn

Tuxpan. Arturo, his Family, Carnitas, Raicilla, Tradition. We were so excited to begin our travel and get to meet one of the greatest producers. Arturo is young but comes from a long line of producers. The tradition in this Taberna is vibrant.

La Venenosa Volcanes, Tuxpan
Arturo, Jocelyn and unknown person, Sierra Volcanes, Tuxpan
Clay Distiller from Arturo in operation
Arturo’s clay distiller – Tuxpan, Jalisco La Venenosa Red
Arturos Tachica
Tachica, La Venenosa Red Tuxpan, Jalisco

Arturo Campos Oven
Arturo’s oven, Tuxpan, Jalisco La Venenosa Red

On our way to Arturo Campos
Nevado de Colima Outside Tuxpan Sierra Volcanes, Venenosa Red
How does this work again? Help, Albert!
On the road from Tuxpan to Comala.