Chapter 2: From the Seed to the Bottle

The goal is to try and give you an idea of the process Agave distills go through to become Spirits. 

The process is complicated but very interesting. If you know the process for other distills, then it will not be so hard grasp the idea, but each distill has its own characteristics.

The 3 most important factors:

The Plant: The star of the show, which variety of Agave is being used.

The Terroir: The territory and the soil were the plant grows.

The Hand: The technique and the personal touch of the producer.

Agave Chico Aguiar (Angustifolia) in the Wild
Agave Chico Aguiar after Jima
Mascota, the Mecca of Raicilla. Our good friend Esteban Morales enjoying the view
Cutting to set in the oven
The Cooking Oven
The distillation

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